Rosalia Martinez de Monillo, DR, Peace Through Centering Prayer

Voices of Grace & Gratitude are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. A new video will be presented every Monday. May they serve to lift your hearts.

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I’ve been approximately 20 years practicing this prayer. It has been so fruitful in my life. I’ve learned to be faithful to the prayer and, in as much as I’ve learned to be faithful, I’ve learned to let go, let myself go in that love of God which has been healing me interiorly and not only healing me, but I realize also, that transformation has touched the lives of all those that are around me. I’ve felt a deep interior loving relationship with God and that has given me more strength and I’ve felt a lot of peace as I’ve continued with my practice.


La paz por medio de la Oración Centrante

Hace aproximadamente 20 años que practico esta oración. Ha sido muy fructífera en mi vida. He aprendido a ser fiel a la oración y, en tanto que he aprendido a serle fiel, he aprendido también ha dejar ir, a dejarme ir en ese amor a Dios que me ha estado sanando interiormente, y no sólo a mi. Me doy cuenta también de que la transformación ha tocado la vida de todos los que están a mi alrededor. He sentido en mi interior una profunda relación de amor con Dios, y eso me ha fortalecido más y he sentido mucha paz al seguir adelante con mi práctica.