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Pray in silence with practitioners from all over the world on this ecumenical, interfaith community.
Centering Prayer groups are practicing daily on this global video platform
of online meditation groups.

It’s difficult to describe how profoundly connecting, expansive and intimate it is to see, hear and join in silent prayer with others from all over the world.  You just have to try it. 

To join the groups, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and follow the steps to register on the site.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to the chapel the group meets in. Once you receive a link to a chapel (i.e., to the Thomas Keating Chapel or to John Main Chapel), it’s always the same link. Save it for future use. 
  3. The calendar of groups will show in your local time zone.  Pick a group convenient for you.  All groups are open and welcoming to all.
  4. About 5-10 minutes before the group starts, click on the link to enter the chapel.
  5. Using a device with a larger screen and video camera is recommended for the best experience (laptop, desktop, tablet).
  6. It’s easy!  Facilitators will introduce you to the group and help you with any questions.

Please share this information with your communities.

If you have any questions, or are interested in being trained as a facilitator for this platform, please email Pamela Begeman.

I see this new medium as a way of not only praying together, but of breaking down distances, barriers, misunderstandings, cultural differences, and other obstacles that tend to separate us. It helps me to realize, not just from a rational level of knowing, but from an experiential way of knowing that we are all God’s creation, we are truly all One. For so many years of my life, I have often prayed for different situations and needs of people around the world. Now I’m praying with people from around the world, and seeing more clearly than ever, the presence of God in everyone and in all of God’s creation.

I would like to warmly invite anyone who might be interested in joining us in this online community. It is a wonderful way of supporting your personal Centering Prayer practice. The online site also has a calendar of other groups and times that may better fit into your day.

– Ken Dreiling

When I first heard about Meditation Chapel, I was a little intimidated. After all, I didn’t know much about WCCM, and online video conferences were out of my comfort zone. However, I was pretty sure the Spirit was nudging me to take a step in this direction, so I signed up and showed up. The first time I participated, I was welcomed and embraced by this community of love. Even though WCCM has a slightly different meditative practice, we are brothers and sisters who pray together in silence for 20-25 minutes in the Presence.

My faith journey has been deeply enriched by praying and sharing with other contemplatives around the world. So much so, that I took an even bigger step by agreeing to facilitate a Centering Prayer group on the Thomas Keating Chapel. I encourage anyone who practices Centering Prayer and longs for community to check us out. All are welcome!

– Brighid Kelly

On Saturday, April 6, 2019 on The Meditation Chapel, Fr. Vincent Pizzuto gave a lively and uplifting Lenten talk from chapter four of his book, Contemplating Christ, which explores contemplative practices in light of our struggle with our inner demons. A recording of the talk is available here on YouTube.

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