The Contemplative Life Program

The Contemplative Life Program (CLP) explores how to be a practicing contemplative, abiding in the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life.


Online Courses

Online courses are self-guided and on-demand, available whenever and wherever you have internet access. Some courses teach prayer or practice methods and some courses explore various aspects of the Christian contemplative tradition.

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Word of the Week

A free, weekly contemplative view into liturgy, with reflections and sometimes videos of Thomas Keating, and practice suggestions for daily life. Participants can also join in a weekly Zoom-video prayer group.

12-Step Outreach

The 12-Step Outreach program was established to offer Centering Prayer to people in all 12-step fellowships as an 11th-step prayer/meditation practice. We help individuals and groups establish contemplative prayer practices through workshops, retreats and formation programs.

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The Living Flame

The Living Flame is a local, group experience designed to heighten the awareness of the dynamics of Centering Prayer in the context of the spiritual journey and offer guidance for staying faithful to one's Centering Prayer practice.

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The Practice of Contemplative Living

This is a locally hosted nine-month process of formation enabling participants to create a contemplative lifestyle in the contemporary world.

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Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach is an important ministry committed to support volunteers and organizations willing to serve the prison population.

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Training is available to become a commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer and for presenting Centering Prayer as an 11th-step practice.

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