Helping vs. Serving

Love Matters are wisdom words from Fr. Thomas Keating spoken during the filming of the new series God is Love: The Heart of All Creation. Some are included in the series; others are from footage published here for the first time. A new word will be posted every Monday throughout the year. May they serve to inspire hope and lift your heart.

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This is what Jesus said, “In serving the needy the person you really are serving is me.” So, he doesn’t need our leadership. But he does need our service that manifests the divine humility in taking the lowest place, or in moving out of all the infinite privileges of belonging to the essence of the divine nature. Now, if that was really interiorized, then helping other people would change into serving other people, and fixing situations would change into serving other people, or allowing the universe of God to heal the situations that are impossible for humans to deal with.


Ayudar vs. servir

Esto es lo que dijo Jesús, “al servir a los necesitados la persona a la que en realidad están sirviendo es a mí.” Por lo tanto, Él no necesita de nuestro liderazgo, pero sí de nuestro servicio, que manifieste la humildad divina al tomar el lugar más bajo, o al abandonar los infinitos privilegios de pertenecer a la esencia de la naturaleza divina. Si realmente interiorizáramos eso, ayudar a los demás se convertiría en servir a los demás, y arreglar las situaciones se convertiría en servir a las personas, o en permitir que el universo de Dios sanara las situaciones con las que los seres humanos no pueden lidiar.