Snorkeling in God

I am grateful to have been practicing centering prayer for several years now. While in Hawaii with my family last summer, I would practice centering prayer on a hammock then aspire to the same surrender while in the ocean while snorkeling. One day, I felt as if I was resting in the Spirit while snorkeling. It occurred to me that I did not have to leave this experience just because I was going to leave the water. For some time, I was able to rest in and appreciate God while walking on dry land. This poem is the result:


Snorkeling in God

Breathing, Exploring
Feeling, Observing, Appreciating

Living kaleidoscope of colors
Arranged in poetic patterns
Iridescent outlines
Blending rainbows
Tantalizing textures

Can I bring this snorkeling with me
into the salty air and sumptuous sand,
Breathing in God and flowing with His plan?

Appreciating, Observing, Feeling
Exploring, Breathing


by Mark Lybarger-Monson on June 23, 3013 in Hawaii


Mark resides in Thousand Oaks, CA, and is part of a small group that practices centering prayer at the United Methodist Church of Thousand Oaks.