The Witness to “Is”


There is

just this witness to


both inside and outside

the body-mind.

There is

this detachment

and I am not identified

with either.

It feels like my mind

and my body can be

perceived objectivity

and that constitutes there is

no real subjective self.

The consciousness has


and the soul is.


It hits me.

I am dying is

the act of surrender.

This surrender is

the experience of death.

There is

no interfering with it,

no commenting on it,

and no manipulating it.


No more struggle

no more effort,

because both are hopeless.

In the now death is

and I give up.

I have no choice.

A door is opening,

hallowed into feeling

I have lost it all,

and in the moment is

this inner experience

of Surrender.


My soul naturally

unfolds within this


of the mind.

This pure awareness

forces attention

through the mind.

This pure awareness is

attention to what is.


This liberation of


purely is.

My ego surrenders is

this process of dying.

It is the level of the soul,

entering the Holy.

The past, present, future

quiver and Life is.

Divine Awareness is,

Christ is.



Sydney S. Orr

Pendleton, Oregon