Silent Visits from God

sometimes silence creates loud noises in the heart, and sounds off in the
brain with chaotic patterns making us our own worst enemy

the quiet itself is peaceful enough
but the disturbances; echoes of  what ifs?
why? and should have beens
mind games, with no score and random play that the self falsely conjures up
painfully interrupt our solitude

all and all
silence moves us down the path
curiously our story changes
day to day,
good, bad, indifferent, ecstatic
minute to minute, keeping us guessing
same general direction
but the screen constantly changes scenes with unpredictable outcome so much
better to watch with the volume off

consolation, healing
in calming, love filled visits from God
who lives in the silence
as the Silence

– Karen D’Attilo 
Snowmass, CO