During the retreat our minister led us on a journey of self-knowledge – where we were in relation to God and where we stood as far as forgiveness of ourselves and others.  From there we progressed on the journey to reach a stage of trusting God and recommitting ourselves to Him. We were invited to walk, pray, think, sleep, draw, write ‚Äì in other words, to respond in any way God was prompting us.  During my time outside I sat under a coral tree and found a seedpod there.

I read the book, The Cloud of Unknowing, and found that it dovetailed with what we were dealing with.   I found this on page 93 after I had written my testimony (in the form of a poem) and found it to be an affirmation of what I had written: ‚ÄúWe are being stripped of ‚Ķ our ‚Äòouter‚Äô self so that our ‚Äòinner‚Äô self can come to true life.‚Äù

This is what I wrote that day:


You showed me the blackened seedpod from the tree
Was this a representation of how You see me?
A thing of beauty and yet past its prime
Fallen from the branch, spent its useful time?
And then the seed caught my eye: blood red
Poised on the lip of one wavy bowl
And I felt a lift: I was being led
To revalue myself and the seed of my soul:
With Your love and nurture, with my love and trust
That seed-soul could renew and grow and thrust
And – who knows- the new tree that may thus burst forth
May indeed birth something that has great worth.

Helene Muller
New Zealand