Heartfulness: Transformation In Christ Guidebook pdf download


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To accompany the Heartfulness Transformation in Christ series.

Suggestions for use:

* As a source of quotations from the series to ponder in the manner of Lectio Divina
* As a source of Scripture references to ponder in the manner of Lectio Divina
* As a companion for members of a prayer group to go deeper while viewing and studying the Heartfulness series
* As a resource for other works of Thomas Keating to further explore one of the series’ subjects
* As a resource for selection of ‘Guidelines for Christian Growth Transformation’ (from Open Mind, Open Heart) for further penetration into the depths of each of the segments of the series
* As a retreat companion
* For selections to read before daily Centering Prayer sessions and keep alive the series

146 pages on pdf format.

Included in Online Video product and as a hard copy in the DVD set.