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Opening Minds, Opening Hearts is a podcast for both the curious meditator and long time practitioner of Centering Prayer. On each episode, hosts Colleen Thomas and Mark Dannenfelser will reflect on the method of Centering Prayer with some friends from the contemplative community who share their personal experience of encountering God through the prayer, and through their work in the world. The podcast hopes to provide new perspectives on the future of contemplative prayer in the rapidly changing spiritual and technological landscape.
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Colleen Thomas
A Spiritual Director and long-time practitioner of Centering Prayer, Colleen facilitates contemplative prayer groups and retreats for the ‘40s and Under’ and BIPOC community. She serves as the Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Contemplative Outreach and develops spiritual formation programs while serving as a Program Director for Stillpoint: A Center for Christian Spirituality.
Colleen earned her MA in Theology and Art from Fuller Theological Seminary. She worked in television in Los Angeles for 15 years before relocating to her hometown of Washington D.C. where she continues to explore her creative passions while enjoying the close companionship of her family. You can discover more about her work and spiritual direction ministry at
Mark Dannenfelser, MA, MPS, LPC
Mark began meditating in his late teen’s through the practice of yoga. Soon after, he discovered the Christian contemplative tradition while reading Henri Nouwen and Thomas Merton. That led him to the work of Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer.
Mark’s path of personal practice inspired him to bring contemplation and meditation into his work first as a youth minister and later as a psychotherapist. Mark is a commissioned presenter of the Centering Prayer method, a certified mindfulness teacher, a licensed professional counselor, a certified spiritual director, and a registered yoga teacher. He is the program coordinator for Contemplative Outreach International, an organization founded by Thomas Keating to help introduce and support people in the practice of Centering Prayer.
Mark earned the Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from Montclair University and the Master of Pastoral Studies Degree in Theology from Spring Hill College. Mark’s professional interest is in working at the point of intersection between mind-body practice and healing, especially in the areas of trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression.
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