Opening Minds, Opening Hearts Podcast Season 2 Trailer

Opening Minds, Opening Hearts - Podcast DescriptionOpening Minds, Opening Hearts is a podcast for both the curious meditator and long time practitioner of Centering Prayer. On each episode, hosts Colleen Thomas and Mark Dannenfelser will reflect on the method of Centering Prayer with some friends of Contemplative Outreach who share their personal experience of encountering God through the prayer, and through their work in the world. The podcast hopes to provide new perspectives on the future of contemplative prayer in the rapidly changing spiritual and technological landscape.
				Season Two of Opening Minds, Opening Hearts was made possible by a grant from the Trust for the Meditation Process, a charitable foundation, encouraging meditation, mindfulness and contemplative prayer.  Welcome to season two of the Contemplative Outreach Podcast, Opening Minds, Opening Hearts. I am one of your co-hosts, Colleen Thomas.

And I'm the other co-host, Mark Dannenfelser. It's good to be with you again, Colleen, for this season two.

It's also a great joy to be meeting and getting reacquainted with so many different people in and around this Contemplative Outreach Community. Contemplative Outreach has been around a long time, so we're drawing from this deep well of contemplatives.

One of the things that was so exciting and really inspiring from last season was everyone we talked to was so grateful to us for having these conversations. I remember that being a theme. There's just so much gratitude that we're talking about Centering Prayer.