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  • Sunday November 29: In A Garment of Silence
    • Posted by pbegeman on November 28, 2020 at 4:36 pm #110096

      [link to full email]:

      [link to email excerpt]:  “Do we understand at last that action must be born in silence and abide in silence, and issue in silence, and that its power must be an emanation and the radiation of silence, since its sole aim is to make men capable of hearing the Word that silently reverberates in their souls?” – Maurice Zundel, Our Lady of Wisdom

       To Practice: A powerful way of embodying truth is by affirmation. In this way, what is outward and external as an idea becomes real and living, connected with inner spirit and conveying meaning. After reading from this day’s meditations, you may wish to choose a word or phrase as an affirmation and carry it with you throughout the coming Advent days.

    • Posted by CWRjr on November 29, 2020 at 1:03 pm #110109

      This year the Advent Wreath sits around a Christmas cactus yet to bloom.  It will, in due course.  Who knows, maybe the warmth of the candle light will accelerate it.

      As I begin this season, my current thought is to retain my prayer mantras as they are slowly becoming more and more invasive … a part of me off and on throughout the day.  Simply, they are YOU ARE!, which reminds me that the Divine Three are near, with and in me; Open My Heart, so I am more emotionally present and Love Flows (in and out) so I am aware of the Spirit’s grace and my role to bring it into the world.

      This season, may you find quiet and know God’s presence, Christ’s healing powers and the Spirit’s grace.

    • Posted by Susan Kenney on November 30, 2020 at 11:24 pm #110155

      I am a California native. In addition, I spent 8 years in Florida. So, winters in Albany, New York seemed much longer and darker than any other winters I had experienced.


      It seemed that dusk began at 3 PM and then, ever so slowly, moved into darkness. It was the expectation of darkness, not the  darkness itself, that was foreboding. I often went inside at the beginning of the dusk and stayed there until it was fully dark. No matter the temperature, no matter my mood, dusk always brought chills. The physical shivers as the sun moved lower in the sky and the temperature dropped. But it was the inner chills that were filled with the dread of the unknown, the resistance to the impending  coldness of soul. It was those chills that I could never quite accept or trust. I am back in California now, but I often think of that northeastern dusk as our days get shorter. I realize now that the dusk was an invitation into a deeper part of me and of God.  Perhaps during this  Advent, I will be able to touch that dusky place and learn from it.

    • Posted by charliekasch on December 1, 2020 at 7:39 pm #110183

      In Stillness

      In stillness
      when I decide
      to usher in
      and to listen
      noticing as
      my heart beat
      gently vibrates somewhere
      below my shoulder blades
      left hand side
      pulses a rhythm
      a life-force
      a gift
      a pleasure
      I am almost always too busy to notice.

      In stillness
      when awareness awakens me
      to this music,
      once in a while
      I remember
      to just enjoy this affirmation.

      In stillness
      and filled up with distractions
      I might ask a question
      or two
      who am I
      why am I here
      in utter boldness and curiosity,
      who are YOU
      the great I AM?

      In stillness
      I wait
      and listen.

      Charlie Kasch 2020

    • Posted by pbegeman on December 1, 2020 at 7:55 pm #110185

      Charlie, Susan and Friend:  Your posts uplift me and provide an infusion of Beauty and remembrance, in-between answering emails and moving through a long list of to-do’s.  Each of you are a radiation of Silence and Being.  Deep bow.

    • Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on December 3, 2020 at 1:39 pm #110246

      i feel”over the moon” about the reflection and postings so far.  (grin). i sense that we are all speaking the same language…. without  words! weirdly, it isnt about hope for me even. it is about threadingthe needle of the present moment, between despair and hope. this morning i woke up in a state of anxiety about an up oming surgery for my husband in syracuse, 250 miles away. after staying hoome these many months, what are we to do? stay the night before  in a hotel and will i stay over  or drive home and back the next day?

      i go and sit. silence calms. my mind stops and when my thinking resumes, it is slow. this stopping to  go into  silence makes these days a blessing.

      meister eckhart says that multiplicity is our greatest attachment.

      i was raised in syracuse and for 40 years have been near the canadian border. i actually like the darkness (although have needed a lamp for more light at times)., the worse the weather the more i want to go out in it. the other day i rode my bike by a hugr being next to the dirt path i was on. stopping, a snowy owl and i gazed in others eyes  for many minutes until a woman with a dog approached. as he took off over the st lawrence  river with his huge wing span dominating my view.


      doesnt that just sum up this magical journdy we are on? endless mystery and beauty for those grAnted vision.


      thank you all. kathy

    • Posted by Kathleen M. Kelly on December 3, 2020 at 1:45 pm #110247

      roger housdden provided the image of “threading the needle of the present  moment”.

    • Posted by linda rhead on December 3, 2020 at 7:27 pm #110269

      Sunday November 29: In A Garment of Silence

      My mantra for this year is quite apt for Advent. It is four words I say on two breaths, as follows:

      Inhale: Cease. Stop worry, frets, concerns before they can gain a toehold.

      Exhale: Release. Breath those concerns out to God’s hands.

      Inhale: Heal. Breathe in the calm of the Spirit’s healing.

      Exhale: Peace. Send waves of the peace that passes understanding back into the world.

      For Advent, I will focus on one word each week, taking it deeper into prayer. <3 linda

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