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Posted by Adeline Behm on July 5, 2022 at 11:05 pm #125726

Thank you, Linda, your phrase of “need to know basis”, a key to understanding my experience of June 2022. God’s “lure” (Hosea) “You duped me and I let myself be duped” (Jeremiah). Keating’s stages of transformation: 1) human effort – being willing(check off), 2)inadequate, unprepared, failure/humiliation private and public, (check off); slow descent into the pit of despair (God never let go, though I knew it not). Somewhere from in side me flowed up words , in my voice, of encouragement for each one  involved. It was as if we experienced the glue of the  Spirit, each in her own way. (No check mark this time), for I am in God’s world, God’s plan. I find myself in a new place of God’s doing. I am experiencing the most complete dependence on God ever….. The new( to me)/”glue-experience” continues. The Spirit… “seems to be encouraging a simplicity of being, to travel light physically, mentally and emotionally. a kind of leave-no-trace psychic footprint.” I am truly grateful that the Spirit takes care of my/our “psychic footprints; and will be there in making amends/in compassion/walking the path of “truth and Reconciliation”  with those on my/our path.