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Posted by Adeline Behm on April 21, 2022 at 9:10 pm #123336

Further to my sharing on Easter Sunday – ‘lamentation hangover’ has its roots in my childhood, my learned ‘hyper vigilance’ where the mitigating factors of poverty, first generation having fled unbearable situations in Eastern Europe via Argentine, many of the elders still checking out are we safe here, prairie winters so much colder than where they came from, have been played out over and over in my life since then. With each remembered situation last Sunday morning, followed by the Welcome Prayer till lay open God’s presence within, a new awareness of belonging to God and through the Triduum 2022 a deeper knowing of the gift of the suffering, death to the resurrection of Jesus. Yes, as Beatrice Bruteau says “a new new level of  awareness of ‘being sent’ where this childhood ‘hyper vigilance’ is being set free. The path ahead is one of sorrowing, so much hurt that needs to be named, ‘walked with” on this path to reconciliation (to fullness of life). I am so grateful to have  50 chronos days to plumb the depths of the One kairos Easter day this 2022.