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Posted by pbegeman on March 14, 2022 at 8:05 pm #122399

To address your question, which is a common one, if the memories and thoughts come up during your time of Centering Prayer, then just treat them like you would any “thought”, the umbrella term which includes sensations, emotions, images, memories, etc., — and return ever-so-gently to your sacred word or symbol. If after your time of Centering Prayer these memories are images are still lurking around, you may wish to journal about them, speak with a trusted spiritual companion or counselor, or whatever you are called to do to process them, or just let them be. The important thing is that we are not giving them our attention and intention during the time of Centering Prayer. These are normal occurrences of the unloading of the unconscious; what is coming up is going out, i.e., is being brought into the light for healing and releasing.