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Posted by Susan Smith-Stefaniuk on February 6, 2022 at 1:26 pm #121381

I am a landlubber. I love the idea of walking on the beach watching the ocean, but I like having the sand beneath my feet. I like riverboat travel, with the option of getting out on either bank, and canalboats are the best. The words ” push out into deep water” are terrifying and an ocean cruise is unthinkable.

But the LORD calls me to deep water; surrender of control to Him and welcoming what He brings to each day, even to getting out of the boat. Terrifying unless trusting: I did not feel this way when I was younger. When I was more trusting, He led me to new cultures and experiences which I still treasure, and He showed me signs and wonders in the lives around me and in my own life. What happened? loss. grief. betrayal. pain.

How do I grow beyond these and get back in the boat and out on the ocean again? The waves are calling.