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Posted by Susan Kenney on January 21, 2022 at 3:11 pm #120997

“How does your concern affect me?”  Why should we care about the people of Tonga, the small island nation near Fiji ? Nearly a week ago, an immense volcanic eruption buried the country in ash, flooded its many islands and cut the underwater cable that delivered internet service. Ships from Fiji and New Zealand are en route with clean water, food and other supplies. We might consider the country “poor”,  with little money and few of the resources  we  call essential.  However, the people are rich in tradition and compassion   They provide a living example of mutual caring and respect.   Some of us have come to know them through those who have come here, often to earn a living as caregivers   Let us pray that the essential resources are provided to them so that they might recover and continue to be an example of how to be a loving presence in the world