Governing Board Member Selection Process & Call For Applications


Description of the Governing Board

The Governing Board of Contemplative Outreach is a volunteer group of Centering Prayer practitioners entrusted to serve the community at large, discern the call of the Holy Spirit in light of the Theological Principles and Guidelines, and provide leadership and oversight to the administration and operations of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. (our New York non-profit corporation). Together, the whole community of Contemplative Outreach and the Board seek to embody our Vision, fostering growth and openness to the Holy Spirit through the various branches and expressions of service in our communities.

As such, Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. and the Governing Board aspire to listen, welcome and include the least and newer members in our communities, as well as the seasoned voices of wisdom and experience. Working alongside our dedicated Staff and volunteers, the Board carries out its duties and responsibilities collaboratively, emphasizing transparency and seeking consensus through prayerful decision making.

Responsibilities of the Governing Board include:

  • Praying together and welcoming the movement of the Holy Spirit into the work of Contemplative Outreach.
  • Listening and responding to the needs of the community.
  • Discerning the annual Intentions consistent with the Vision, Theological Principles and Guidelines for Contemplative Outreach Service.
  • Conducting ongoing meetings.
  • Approving the annual plan and budget for Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.
  • Providing support to Contemplative Outreach Administrator and Staff.
  • Regularly reviewing the financials of Contemplative Outreach and taking necessary action to support the needs of the community.
  • Reviewing and approving new projects and opportunities over $5,000.

We endeavor to make decisions through collaboration and consensus, guided by the Holy Spirit. At times, guided by that same Spirit, we make decisions through unity of spirits.

By listening together and bringing forth our authentic voices and points of view, we create a space for transparency and a richer integration.

The Governing Board consists of between seven and eleven persons who are actively engaged in the Centering Prayer practice.


The officers of the Governing Board serve as the officers of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. They are the Chairperson (Facilitator), Secretary, and Treasurer.   Sometimes the Board will appoint additional officers and assistant officers as deemed necessary.   These additional officers may come from the Board, staff, or greater community.

Officers are chosen annually by the Board during a prayerful discernment process.  They serve one-year terms which may be renewed twice.  The specific duties of the officers are detailed in the Bylaws of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., which are available on request.

Teams and Committees:

As needed, the Governing Board will invite teams or committees to perform specific tasks or projects, either permanently or on an ad hoc basis.  These groups can include members of the greater community, staff, and/or Board.   They report on their work and progress at Board meetings or through the Board Secretary.


Currently, the Governing Board holds video conference meetings twice monthly, and in-person meetings three times a year in various locations.  In addition to the benefits of praying together and face to face dialogue and collaboration, the Board intends these in-person meetings as opportunities to deepen our conversation and bond with local chapter members and volunteers.  In-person meetings usually last four to five days.

Relationship with Administrator and Staff:

The Governing Board works closely with the Administrator and Staff of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. to provide whatever support is necessary for all to carry out their responsibilities.  The Board, Administrator and Staff work on a collaborative basis to fulfill the mission and vision of Contemplative Outreach.  The Administrator and Staff often participate in Board meetings.

Description of the Position

General Qualifications:

Be deeply rooted in the daily practice of Centering Prayer and fully embrace the Contemplative Outreach Vision, Theological Principles and Guidelines for Contemplative Outreach Service.

In reviewing candidates for the Board position, Board members will be looking for individuals who desire to work collaboratively with others in service of the Contemplative Outreach community.  This work requires patience, humility, and a sense of humor, but mostly a humble confidence in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Preferred qualifications include cultural sensitivity with a global outlook, familiarity (or knowledge of) the December 2016 updated Vision of Contemplative Outreach by Fr. Thomas Keating, familiarity with emerging technology and media, and active participation in Contemplative Outreach programs and offerings.


The term of this position is three years, beginning January 1, 2021, and is renewable once.


All Board members are responsible for attending the regular video conference meetings and in-person meetings as noted above.  Further responsibilities will arise from the Board member’s position as an officer or committee member.  In addition, members will take on various tasks and activities in support of ongoing Board projects.


The Selection Process

A multi-person Selection Team will review all applications that come in as a result of our wide-ranging appeal for candidates.  The Team will interview selected candidates by video or audio conference.  After interviews are completed, a small number of candidates will be referred to the Governing Board for final interviews.

The Governing Board will conduct the final interviews either in person or through video conference and make the final selection through prayerful discernment.

After the final selection is made, the chosen candidate will be notified. Once she or he accepts, the greater Contemplative Outreach community will be notified in an e-bulletin.

From time to time, and under certain very special and occasional circumstances, the Governing Board has the option to select a new Board member without consulting the overall Contemplative Outreach community. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to when a specific skill is needed, or with the unexpected departure of one of its members.


To begin the process of application for the volunteer position of Governing Board member, an email can be sent with the information below to:

Jenny Adamson

Adal Henriquez

Marie Howard

Maru Ladrón de Guevara

Pat Johnson

We thank you for your prayerful consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

All applications must be submitted by August 31, 2021

Name, Address, Phone, Email

Contemplative Outreach Chapter (if any)

Tell us about your Centering Prayer practice and its evolution.

Tell us about the ways you have been involved with Contemplative Outreach?

What draws you to become a Governing Board Member?  What is your sense of call?

What special skills or experience are you being invited to offer in service?

What is your vision for Contemplative Outreach?