Tears During Centering Prayer II


Q: I have been practicing Centering Prayer off and on for several years, last year almost everyday. I have recently been experiencing tears/crying for no apparent reason. Please advise.

A: Thank you for expressing your vulnerability in this question.

Our bodies hold in their tissues the pain and trauma that we have accumulated throughout our lives. As you practice Centering Prayer regularly, you are creating an opportunity for God to heal your wounds. The pain and hurts, both small and large, that have been trapped inside you are able to rise up and out. You don’t need to be able to understand or express exactly what is being healed. You can simply and trustfully continue to surrender to the process of healing and letting go, placing yourself in God’s hands and knowing that something very profound is taking place in the silence of the prayer.

Your question can remind all of us to open to and accept whatever comes up for us in Centering Prayer. Be gentle with yourself and patient and tender with your tears. Although they may be raw and uncomfortable sometimes, as a sign of the healing that is taking place within you as God acts upon you, they are a blessing.

Warm regards,

Lindsay Boyer


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