Harry Francis Thompson
San Diego


So I go there
In quiet and dark
I show up naked, willing,
Not knowing,
Not understanding It’s mechanics
But I come up to It
Like a dark wall of water
I commit, step in
And It’s mercy washes me
Washes the part of me that always was
Dismisses any theory that it’s in the next life
That Gods above

Breathing in, just acknowledging, accepting It
Breathing out, giving my essence back
Like returning a present that was never mine
Breathing in, I dwell in It’s presence
Vast, beyond vision
Breathing out, I feel Its call
It’s a call to alignment, to let go
Magnetic, automatic, I fall
It’s suddenly ok, not to figure it out
Not to know

I can approach Her whenever I’m really awake
When I’m walking thru the day
Or when I stop, contemplate, meditate,
to just be with Him
And when I pray

trick is, getting out of the way
Letting go of my mind’s storyline
And the big collection of fear based props
it takes this giving up
To open the door
To rest in the Inner Room
To just stop

it’s scary really letting go
Who might I end up being
Maybe just a human, another Son of Man
Maybe that’s the important thing
Maybe that’s The Plan