Yet Still

And what do I know through all of this?

Is God truly to be trusted?

When you find you can be happy, although your heart is broken and still bear the sweetness of sorrow within your gut.

When you find that you can still rise like the phoenix amidst the ashes of your life into each new day.

When you can once again feel your feet upon the earth of rough and dirty paths, yet still be flexible enough to leap up out of the brambles and over the water holes to a safe landing.

And still be able to laugh and cry with all God’s children young and old ,with a heart full of praise and gratitude.

When you can continue to brave the turbulent waters of your ship and still enjoy it’s serene waters, after maybe experiencing a shipwreck or two and still know, once again, that God is on your side.

Yet still, bear a living hope within you, a hope against hope, to balance and herald a wholehearted knowing, that without an indwelling Presence of such an all-conquering Love one could not go on … then, you are certain that He can be trusted.

Convinced, that Love will be enthroned in your heart now

and forever.


Bridget Robinson
Beacon, NY