What Happens When

What happens when
he ground on which one stands
Becomes a mighty chasm
And earth a distant land?

What happens when
The new found earth
Is not outside but in
And deafened ears and frigid heart
Are shattered deep within?

What happens when
The human eye
In microscopic look
See all men for who they are
The beauty and the crook?

What happens when
That opened eye
Looks on the face of men
And sees without a shadow doubt
The Christ appear in them?

What happens when
The grains of truth
Become a landslide fall
And reality stands naked
Exposed: revealing all?

What happens when
The human heart is opened
And Great Love rushes in
And seems to want to rest and stay
And crush the hate within?

The mind becomes hushed: silenced.
Where heavenly thoughts can grow.
The heart in sublime submission,
Knows no other woe.

Jacqui Leiba
Port of Spain, Trinidad