Unsure of the Outcomes of Prayer

Q:  I always try contemplative prayer, and it seems to be working. How can one be sure that the outcome (even though negative at times) is working for the right? And what is the possible outcome?

A:  In prayer we are dealing with the gift of trust. If you are open to the Holy Spirit, living the Gospels to the best of your ability, and asking forgiveness when needed, you have done all that is needed to prepare yourself for the gifts the Lord wishes to give to you. Following in his footsteps, you know through his life that all things work for good for those who love their God (Romans 8: 28). Basically, our prayer is one of adoration and thanksgiving to the Lord for his wondrous love and example. The outcome is a God-centered life – becoming more and more like the one we wish to become … the one who is inviting us to pray.

Fr. Carl Arico