Transform the World One Prayer at a Time, one Gift at a Time


May it be done to me according to your word.
Luke 1: 38 

This year I have been amazed at how the work of Contemplative Outreach is spreading around the world. Let me share one story. This October I had the privilege of giving retreats and workshop for two weeks in Ireland. I was rushing to a meeting of leaders in Dublin and as I came into the building, I was told that there were two people waiting to see me. One was from the United Kingdom and the other was from Poland. They were helping one another in spreading the message and wanted to get more organized.

I have always said that Contemplative Outreach is a miracle of God’s grace and the power of prayer.

No matter how small your donation is or how large, it is not only appreciated, but it attests to your desire to transform the world one prayer at a time. Your gift will help ensure that other hearts and minds will be transformed and this work will continue to heal the far reaches of the earth.

Aware of the grace of gratitude, please join us in prayer and generosity, in an endless flow of mutuality and love.

Be Well,

Fr. Carl J. Arico
Vice President

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