The Accelerated Course for Those Over 80

Q:  In the book, The Human Condition, it mentions an accelerated course for people over 80.  I am looking for information on that program.

A:  I am unaware of any accelerated course for people over 80.  It is the same course for all ages. However, it is common for those who are aging or in the dying process to face the facts of their human condition with greater sincerity.  Much can be purified because there is time to look at it all. So many of the great saints have witnessed to looking at it all at the end — no more rationalizing, justifying or glorifying.  It is time to be real. You get tired of making excuses. It’s a time to take seriously the words of Pope Francis , “All saints have a past, all sinners have a future.” Just keep beginning again and again and again.

In the Gift of Life video series which I did with Fr. Thomas, he emphasizes that Centering Prayer is one of the best preparations for dying and death because it facilitates a habit of letting go which will ease the letting go into the arms of God at the moment of death.

Also, I believe as we get older there is a need to take quality time to review and renew.  I refer you to my article in the  June 2015 issue of the CO NEWS — “To Be and not to Do.  That is the challenge.” One of the readers wrote back to me and signed their email “Love and blessings as you continue to Do from the heart of Being.” That is the what I believe is part of the accelerated course for people over 80.

In the 80’s,

Fr. Carl