Teaching Centering Prayer in Seminaries

Q:  Father Arico, our Centering Prayer group is reading your book A Taste of Silence. After the introduction where you share your experience of Centering Prayer, our discussion led us to the thought of how amazing it would be if  Centering Prayer could be a part of seminary education. How feasible is this today?

A:  Things have improved since my seminary days. Many seminaries are teaching Lectio Divina and introducing silent prayer. Some are sharing Centering Prayer. I believe there is a greater emphasis on various prayer practices over and above the obligatory prayer, as priests must say The Liturgy of the Hours. But just imagine if the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating were also presented along with the Spiritual Journey video series? What a wonderful gift that would be for these future pastors and priests and the people of God who they would serve. Whenever there is an opportunity, I always recommend reading and studying Book 4 on Prayer of the Roman Catholic Catechism to all Christian seminaries. It lays a marvelous foundation for an introduction to the full scope of prayer in our Christian Tradition.

You might consider approaching a seminary in your area and see if they are interested in having a trained presenter give them a day of Centering Prayer.

Please keep all clergy in your prayer.  Blessings on your prayer group.  

-Fr. Carl