let us go adore him
let us go implore him
my soul
to make us whole

let us stop
and just drop
all attractions
all desires worries
anxieties memories –
our old self forsake

this one decision make:
shed discard them
drop them
each and every care
leave them there
on the floor

and then close the door

with all the noises voices abating
know that in the deepest secretest place he’s waiting
seek his presence
in the silence

sit down
relax release that frown
eyes closed
sit still
our will
let go . . .
slow . . .
down . . . breathe . . . deeply

seek him in silence
love him in silence
he speaks in silence
he works in silence
silence becomes him
in silence let’s seek him

knock on that small door
wait for what’s in store

making our breathing shallow
let’s just follow
him . . . enter
our deepest center
following him
in that narrow path with him

bring to mind ever gently
a sacred word
unsaid unheard
like Lord
in Whom silence is restored
in full intention
of loving attention
to his presence
in our essence
working forming
informing transforming

let every other thing
in us around us bring
themselves up and gently
ever silently
on their own fade away
receding quietly out of the way
every thought or feeling
however appealing
let it gently go
and allow the flow
of effortless soft and gentle attention
to touch our silent sign of intention

let each level of awareness
recede to the edges of consciousness
wave on wave layer on layer
within this centering prayer

deeper and deeper
as the path grows narrower
and in this state
let us wait
in silence
for his presence

spirit for spirit
in silence seeking
spirit with spirit
in silence meeting
spirit to spirit
in silence speaking
spirit in spirit
in silence resting

let him take us anywhere
beyond whatever we’re aware
not fearing the unknown
for we are not alone
we are safe and sound
with his Spirit in us all around

go deeper still
let time stand still

let his presence
fill our essence
into one
with the One

and the rest
is silence …

the rest …
in his silence

so deep so deep …
awake yet deeper… than sleep


verserver, Singapore

from prayer verses 110114/retouched 120118/120130