Seed of God

The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways to build up the Body of Christ, using us in spite of ourselves.
Beginning in the mid-eighties, after the death of my mother, I was inspired to write children‚Äôs songs based on the Bible. For many years, I directed the Crayons, a group of school children who performed and recorded them. The first song given to me was ‚ÄúSeed of God,‚Äù followed by a profusion of tunes with the same message:  We are made in the image and likeness of God. Our hearts are restless until we know this in our bones.  Our job is to accept our little kernel of truth gratefully and to spread it widely, remembering to ‚Äúfeed and water it with our prayers‚Äù as the song directs. And what better way to feed and water our often parched and hungry hearts than through the psalms?
150 Psalms for Singing is an ebook based on a rendition of the psalms, Psalms for Praying by Nan C. Merrill.  The texts are used with permission from The Continuum International Publishing Group, New York. The poetic, inclusive words are set to simple chant-like tunes, easily sung without accompaniment, and appealing to all ages.  They lend themselves to simple gesture and can be used with or without the spoken verses. Whether used for personal devotion or in a group setting, the chants will resonate throughout your day, bringing solace, insight, joy and courage. For the past fifteen years, I have started each day with a psalm.
This ancient prayer form, rendered so beautifully and meaningfully for modern prayers in Nan C. Merrill’s book, Psalms for Praying, can start your day too…with a song of praise! I offer this e-book free for whoever is interested.
Juliana Howard
A Centering Prayer practitioner living between Arizona and Wisconsin

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