See With New Eyes

Centering prayer is an exercise of letting go.

We let go so the Creator can create in us.

What God manifests within us is up to God alone.

These manifestations will be later revealed in our non silent parts of the day.

We might notice we take more time when present with others.

We have learned to listen and enjoy the presence of others.

We no longer panic when faced with our multiple, daily tasks.

Instead, calmly, one by one, we complete each item.

We no longer make snap judgements when we hear opinions that differ from our own.

We have removed the old filters that we previously viewed our world through.

Finally, we might even see the Divine’s light everywhere we look.

We see it in all people. We see it in the rivers, lakes, trees, mountains and skies.

Let go. Let God teach you how to see with new eyes.


Rich Lewis
Ambler, PA