Relationship Isn’t Easy

I often wonder about my Centering Prayer practice even though I have been doing it for over 15 years. There are times when all seems well and then many times when I struggle lots as I stay with the practice.

It is something I cannot let go of.  Even on some days when I delay my Centering Prayer, there is this hidden magnetic-like thread that draws me there despite my struggle.  It never seems to get any easier – this letting go –  and just being there for God, with God, in God.  The “seeming nothing happening” yet so much going on below the surface of what I am aware of.  This letting go and not seeing results or necessarily feeling something at the time is so difficult.  Yet I seem to trust in the process and allow God to have God’s way.  And there are certainly times when I realize that God must be around when I am able to hold my tongue when I would rather make a negative comment or criticize someone.  And I guess the times that I am able to show up despite the difficulties are also times when God is at work.  It seems God wants me there with God, despite the struggle.

– Helen Druett,  Kaleen, Canberra, Australia