Our God of Surprises …

Many years ago while taking a morning hike on Mt Tamalpais, north of San Francisco, I felt the urge to sit down and to silently pray to the Lord.  I found an outcrop among the bushes and left the trail.  I sat down and put on my jacket. I settled down and began my Centering Prayer period. Some time later, while lost in silent prayer, an unusual thought crept into my mind – the sense that there was some movement outside. I returned ever-so-gently to my sacred word. However, the same thought continued to persist.  Then fears of being approached by a stranger arose and unnerved me, so I decided it was prudent to just  open my eyes.  Since I was in an immobilizing physical repose, I had to dig deep to find the energy just to lift my eye lids.

When I opened my eyes, I was rewarded by the sight of a hummingbird, looking straight into my eyes and hovering about two inches from my nose.  Time stood still during our encounter. Then the hummingbird darted  off and I returned ever-so-gently to my sacred word.  My spirits  soared as I walked the trails thereafter.  Over the years I have been  able to appreciate that each encounter on the spiritual journey brings us just what we need.

Therese Coen
Gardnerville, Nevada.