On Becoming Myself

My True Self, are you there hiding behind the fear?

Are you there, my True Self; a shadow unknown, unseen,

But felt in sudden shudders and closed heart?

Are you part of the hesitation to step forward into the

Unfamiliar forces seeking expression?

This new energy that breaks forth can be surprising and unnerving!

What shape are You seeking to become?

The imagination flows too swiftly ahead to places unwilling to travel.

Where do the signs point?

Do I dare look ahead to see a road paved,

that may lead where I would rather not go? 

And yet, Love is there!

It is Love that opens the darkness to the shadows so feared;

It is Love that calls the heart to trust and move and trust again

the Love awaiting Its’ fulfillment.

Oh yes!  It is Love the True Self seeks to find;

And in finding, embraces Wholeness in the truth of Love.

Why fear to be loved by Truth itself?

Why fear to be seen through Love’s own eyes?

Why fear to dwell in Love’s Presence?

Why, I wonder,

When I am so lacking,

So needy,

And yearning

For the love of self?


JESUS speaks to me of leaving behind my own thoughts, ideas, and judgments.

FAITH asks me to wait, to listen, and to move on His command. In obedience is found the Wisdom and love of Jesus. HOPE leaves the outcome to God.

Could the “deep” be a place of transformation; a place where the True Self is found?

Could it be a journey of “letting go;” of leaving all behind?

Could it be that in leaving all behind, and emptying, comes

 Love‚Äôs own Presence?

Is it Love’s own Presence that draws the catch?

Matthew 4: 18 +19

Jean Mahan
Charlton, Massachusetts