No words are needed

The past two years my family has endured a devastating loss with the passing of my beloved sister. She was stricken suddenly with a terminal illness and endured tremendous amount of pain and suffering, while at the same time inspiring us with her courage and strength. My sister was a very special, loving, caring person. She was more than a sister to me – my best friend.

While dealing with the sorrow and raw pain that has gripped me, I continue to battle to keep my promise to her. Her last request was that I raise her son and support her daughters. The past two years were filled with an overwhelming amount of fear and anxiety due to the custody battle and conflict. During that time, I turned to God for healing and comfort. For he is the ultimate healer and the only one who really knows what I am going through. I was guided to Centering Prayer. All the past events have taken a toll on my body physically, emotionally and mentally but I have spiritually grown stronger.

One of the members of my prayer group inspired me to write about Centering Prayer.   „ÄÄ

Centering: No words are needed

As I hold my child in my arms,
Our relationship and connection deepens. No words are needed.

Safety, trust and security are felt in my loving arms, Unconditional love grows with each embrace. No words are needed

To center is to allow myself to rest in the loving arms of God, To be in the presence of the one who loves me the most. No words are needed

Just to relax and rest in his arms

Just to be still

Just to be silent

Just to be one with God

Just as my children are at the center of my heart and soul,

We, as children of God are at his center. No words are needed.


– Linda Altritt, Charlotte, NC