My Experience with the Living Flame Program

The St. Louis chapter hosted the Living Flame Program in 2012 and 2013.  I was asked to share my experience of that time, which I recall fondly.  The Living Flame is a special program, with an inspired combination of silence, Centering Prayer, speakers, and personal sharing ‚Äì all which contributed a major role in my path to transformation in Christ.

Here are some things I remember.  I am thankful to the speaker who told me that all God needs from me during my Centering Prayer period is one millisecond of time and my consent to the Spirit‚Äôs presence and action within.  I can‚Äôt even imagine one millisecond but I do know it‚Äôs not very long and not dependent on any effort I can make. Just that teaching alone transformed how I view each of my Centering Prayer periods.  No more judging, no more agonizing/celebrating how I am doing during my sit.  Just sit!

I am grateful to the presenter who showed me how to write a poem that allowed me to express feelings I didn‚Äôt know were there. In addition to being more in touch with my feelings, I was then able express those feelings with a poem for my 6 and 8-year-old grandsons, which led to them wanting to try writing one for me.  We had such a fun day together, me expressing my love for them and they for me. What a gift!

The Living Flame program’s schedule of silence, intermixed with prayer and topic content, created the space for the Divine Indwelling to perform miracles in my attitude and therefore my life.  Thank you, Contemplative Outreach.

Rita Sturgeon
Contemplative Outreach St. Louis
February 2015

For more information on the Living Flame, please look in the Programs section of the C.O. website under Living Flame.  To host the Living Flame series in your chapter, contact Marilyn Webb,