In The Silence

A nippy spring morning in May,
Harsh winds and arc-like rains
Finally subsided,
Overdue cleanups, lengthy lawns,
Untilled gardens and untold repairs await.

6 weeks ago we celebrated the Paschal Mystery;
Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday,
But it seems as if we (and Christ) had to linger
In hell a little longer this year.

But today feels like Resurrection.

Fragrant lilacs and magnolias,
Dazzling dogwoods and azealas in full bloom.
Shiny bright  grass,
A green carpet to bliss.
Vibrant red cardinals and yellow finches
Playfully swoop and soar,
Showing off their moves.
Robins dart to and fro,
Beaks full of worms
For their clamoring mouths back home to feed.
New young leaves softly  wave,
A reminder that God’s first language is silence.

A silence in death, as Jesus drew his last breath.
A silence in the Abyss, as Creation is cleansed and renewed.
A silence in the Resurrection, as Mary peered past the stone.
A silence in new life, as Nature, re-awakened,
Reveals God’s glory.

‘Clothe yourself in compassion,
Kindness, humility, gentleness and patience’,
Says the Lord.
Then you will hear me
And know me
In the silence.

May 2017

Tom Agness
Rochester, NY