I Slid Off … and Found God

The slippery slope of questioning the fundamentals of belief …. I slid off AND.. found GOD; GOD bigger than our beliefs, than our understanding, than our constructs to understand God. Where does that leave me?  In a spacious, inexhaustible LOVE who is God, is Divine, is the blessed INCARNATION of Jesus – human, messy, material.

The incarnate DIVINITY who we eat and drink in the Eucharist as a tiny reminder that the chasm between Spirit and matter, between heaven and earth has been broached.

God is LOVE. God is Light. God is also the great Allower. Christians worship a God who got dirty, who connected with sinners, outcasts, women ‚Äì with those who didn’t think they had power to protect.

Jeanne Jemison,
Memphis, TN