While seeking to clear my seeing,
so I could really know love,
be love, walk in the world in service to love,
I forgot my activities, my routine, my habits,
my drama, my occupation, my titles, my roles, my name,
my anything.

I was left as just
a flickering flame
in the crackling blaze
of the cosmos.
My heart softly singing
into this crucible of centered oneness.
Simple and sweet, alive with gratitude,
empty for the journey home.

It was here I remembered myself,
my ancient self,
myself as the infinite fire of the Divine
shining in beautiful luminousity.

An as I turned to see the world around me
in it’s clear light expression,
I realized my beloved
had serenaded me
all my life
to be this timeless moment of love.

Stephen M. Feely
Sewanee,  TN