Gratitude & Listening

What an enormous and lifetime gift of grace is given through each and all of you at Contemplative Outreach as we all continue on the Way through your guidance, resources, community and presence!!! 

My life and my ever-growing capacities to in-joy and rest in Quiet Presence are fruits of the Spirit that are released and enhanced through my conscious and daily practice.  Thank you, CO, for modeling a method of daily prayer that unclutters the psychic door between my heart and mind.  Thank you, Thomas; thank you, blessed and faithful staff of CO in New Jersey and Snowmass and strewn around the world.  I am indebted more than daily to this practice, indeed. 


Listen to the Wind
and let it blow through
my open windows.

Listen to the Stars
and let them shine
through empty darkness
from eternity.

 Listen to one another
and let the heart stir
hope and solid living
and set us into today.

Listen to the laughter
from the graves
of those who have
graduated into

Listen to the sermons
of frogs and crickets
and laughing children.

Listen to your Inner
Voice and dance into
the morning-song
of your true Self.

Listen to Silent
whispers of grace
against the open
canvass of your
waiting soul.

Listen to the
joyous pain of
young mothers
latching on to
New Life.

 Listen to the
waiting and
forgotten choristers
waiting since your birth
to sing your songs
of poignant Springtime.

Listen through your
agony of loss
into the cornucopia
of overflowing joy.

listen quietly,
into the depths
of your own
what you

Listen to the
steady streams
of gentle spirit-waters
bathing your body,
massaging your spirit,
caressing your face,
washing your tears.

beyond words,
beyond sounds,
beyond fear,
beyond darkness,
and you
will hear
the Word of Life

 Hal Edwards