Contemplative Outreach United in Prayer Day – Saturday, March 17th

Join us this year for our 20th Annual United in Prayer Day featuring spiritual enrichment from the 2011 DVD Contemplative Journey Revisited where Fr. Thomas Keating presents The House of God, The Womb of God, (44 min).  The afternoon segment entitled Reflections on Lectio Divina (16 min.) is presented by Fr. Micah Schoenberger.  Fr. Micah is a wonderful, insightful monk from St. Benedict‚Äôs Monastery, Snowmass, Colorado.

In the Store: Contemplative Journey Revisited – Fr. Thomas Keating and Fr. Micah Schoenberger

The DVD includes a format for an intensive day of prayer and a discussion aid.
Total length of DVD is 68 minutes.

To find out if a United in Prayer Day gathering is happening near you, visit our Community section to find your local contacts.