Centering Prayer & Contemplation

Q:  It is my understanding that God loves us at the level of our being which is the closest most intimate level at which love can take place. It is also my understanding that contemplative prayer under the direction of the Holy Spirit takes place at the level of our being. Can Centering Prayer take place at the level of our being? Your comments and corrections please.

A:  God created each of us and our God sustains our existence – our whole being. The commandment to love indicates that God wants our love returned and magnified on every level of our being, just as we are loved by our God. In our prayer we are returning that love in a special way.

Centering Prayer is a key to the house of contemplative prayer. Whether we are just entering the door or in the house, our whole being is involved; the Holy Spirit is involved on every level.  In the Trinitarian context of the prayer, each movement is an intimate part of the other. There is no separation. There is no notion of being half loved. It is a matter of perception not degree.


Fr. Carl.