Centering Prayer and Grief

Q:  I would like to share with you something I experienced during my sit. I have been practiced Centering Prayer for 15 years, but the last year I have had great difficulty just doing it. I knew something was going to come up that I did not want to experience. When it did a few days ago, I knew exactly what the event was and cried loud enough for the neighbors to hear for 17 or 18 minutes (I think). At the end of the sit, the grief that I buried for so long was out in the light of day. Let me add that the event was something that happened as an adult and have no trouble practicing Centering Prayer since this unloading.

A:  Thank you!  What a powerful witness to the fidelity of the prayer. By consenting every day, slowly but surely the grace of the Spirit chipped away at what was holding this memory and lo and behold you hit a gusher. Out it flowed with all its power and you stayed the course, cried your tears which you could not hold back and allowed the undigested junk of a lifetime to flow out. Then you experienced a peace which the world cannot give. God blessed you with the gift of perseverance and the force of God’s love for you gave you freedom. Fr. Thomas likes to say, ‚Äújust persevere, be faithful‚Äù and the Lord said to you, ‚ÄúCome good and faithful servant.” Time to celebrate. – Fr. Carl