Back to Basics


Q: I heard at the CO September 2017 conference that Fr. Thomas is emphasizing a return to the basics.  What does this mean in your view?

A: Thomas is very wise to encourage us to take a breather and get back to basics.  He is referring primarily to a revisiting of the Spiritual Journey series. (Please see the website for details about the series and a new program for 2018.)

I also see and hear something broader to this invitation:  Contemplative Outreach‚Äôs overall purpose from the very beginning was to retrieve and renew the Christian contemplative tradition, anticipating that this renewal would be a source of unity among Christians, and that from this, meaningful dialogue with people of all religions would be possible, encouraging greater unity in the world.  As the Contemplative Outreach community moves into the next chapter of our more than 30 years of grace, this is still an awesome vision, and certainly worth revisiting and renewing as we go back to basics.

There is much to be thankful for. – Fr Carl