A New Tree

To see with new eyes the Christmas tree
Is but an outward show
Of a deeper reality
That we have come to know.

For isn’t the Christmas tree,
Hung with ornaments aplenty
A deep reminder of how
Christ fills our lives abundantly?

Aren’t the brightly twinkling lights
A signal to our hearts
Of His constant love and presence
Though we walk in light and dark?

And is not the tree top star
Significantly placed,
To remind us of his guidance
In this wretched, human space?

And the gifts under the tree
Were we to really see
Is a knowing that supply
Comes through Him not me.

And finally on the floor
Layered beneath the tree
Rests the soft and beautiful skirting
The ground of his Being in me.

-Jacqui Theresa Leiba
Port of Spain, Trinidad