The Awakened State

Journey to Oneness are wisdom words from Fr. Thomas Keating spoken during the filming of his last DVD series That We May Be One in July 2016. Some are included in the series; others are from footage published here for the first time. A new word will be posed every Monday throughout the year. May they serve to inspire hope and lift your heart.

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We’re going to continue to have thoughts, and we need them to function and to plan, but without attachment, without relying on them, and without just thinking any old thing but to have a certain discipline of being able to let go of thoughts that are harmful or unkind or unforgiving, or all the things that are possible in the myriad faculties of a human being. The awakened state or the non-dual is not to even think about right and wrong, because you’re always doing what is the right, because you’re under the influence of the Spirit. So, there’s no need to think of self, or the past, or to worry about the future. It’s now. Now, now, now, now, now.

El estado despierto

Vamos a seguir teniendo pensamientos, y los necesitamos para funcionar y planear, pero sin apego, sin depender de ellos, y sin pensar simplemente sobre cualquier vieja idea, sino teniendo una cierta disciplina de poder dejar ir aquellos pensamientos que son dañinos o desagradables o inhumanos, o todo aquello que posibles dentro de la miríada de facultades de los seres humanos. El estado despierto o no dual no implica pensar siquiera sobre lo que está bien y está mal, porque siempre hacemos lo que está bien, porque estamos bajo la influencia del Espíritu. Por eso, no hay necesidad de pensar en el yo, o en el pasado, o preocuparse por el futuro. Es ahora, ahora, ahora, ahora, ahora.