A Blessing

Love Matters are wisdom words from Fr. Thomas Keating spoken during the filming of the new series God is Love: The Heart of All Creation. Some are included in the series; others are from footage published here for the first time. A new word will be posted every Monday throughout the year. May they serve to inspire hope and lift your heart.

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May the next years, if God gives them to us, see the increase of Centering Prayer and the creative addition of other wisdom aspects that might enhance what we're doing, or at least help us to do what we have learned out of our tradition with complete commitment. Let us enjoy the presence of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and allow ourselves to be loved unconditionally and so be inspired to meet the real needs of everyone in the human family, past, present and to come.


Una Bendición

Que los próximos años, si Dios nos los concede, veamos el aumento de la Oración Centrante y el agregado creativo de otros aspectos de sabiduría que puedan realzar lo que estamos haciendo, o al menos que nos ayuden a hacer lo que hemos aprendido de nuestra tradición con total compromiso. Disfrutemos de la presencia del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, y permitámonos sentirnos amados incondicionalmente y así ser inspirados para contribuir a las necesidades de toda la familia humana, pasada, presente y futura.