United in Prayer Day 2017: God Is Love – The Heart of All Creation – Online Video segments


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Two video segments are recommended for the 2017 United in Prayer Day on Saturday, March 18: “Silence and Centering Prayer” and “A Blessing,” both from the new God is Love: The Heart of All Creation Series.

As Fr. Thomas notes in the series:

Everything in the universe – everything our senses observe
and technology uncovers at the highest level of infinitude
and the deepest levels of the infinitesimal –
is prophetic witness of the Divine.
The Divine Presence:
… is happening in, through, and amidst every detail of life
… penetrates all that exists
… is in relationship to every part of creation.
… is trying to move humanity to the next stage of consciousness.

Segment 8: Silence and Centering Prayer (21 minutes)
Segment 10: A Blessing (9 minutes)

Click for full series “God Is Love – The Heart of All Creation – Online Video”