Transformation and Centering Prayer: New Paths in Science, Education and Spirituality MP3 downloads


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Science, Evolution and Divine Union by Fr. Thomas Keating
Evolution is the way that God seems to have chosen to create. It’s a process where everything has its time and its place and where it takes a long time for the divine plan to be received and revealed in its fullness in the human family, through Christ.

Centering Prayer: A Healing Response to Everyday Stress by Jane Ferguson Flout
In these hectic times of information overload and fast pace, Centering Prayer can offer a way to rest in God. This presentation describes some health outcomes of Centering Prayer on everyday stress and on Christians’ approach to communicating with God.

Neuroscientific Approaches to Centering Prayer: What Can the Brain Teach Us About this Practice?
by Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D, Michael L. Spezio, Ph.D
This presentation provides an overview of how neuroscientists and clinical psychologists approach the study of contemplative practices, including Centering Prayer.

The Contemplative Dimension of Centering Prayer: Transforming Obstacles into Aides for Spiritual Growth
by David Frennette, M.A.
The great Jesuit contemplative, Jean Pierre de Caussade, wrote, “God can turn every obstacle into an aide for spiritual growth.” How can Centering Prayer lead you to experience every obstacle, everything as an aide, a blessing on the spiritual path?

Educating Minds and Hearts: Contemplation and the Next Generation by Vincent Pizzulo, Ph.D
This presentation addresses the role of evoking wonder, awe and mystery in awakening students to the contemplative dimension of life. The essence of ‘contemplative education,’ lies in one’s ability to holistically address both mind and heart, body and spirit of one’s students and instill a sense of the urgency of God’s love for every person. Contemplative silence makes most sense to the new generation when it is understood as a counter-cultural response to the experience of ‘disconnect’ within contemporary society, and a radical adherence to the Gospel call to love and compassion.