That We May Be One – Christian Non-Duality (PDF & MP4)


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That We May Be One continues and builds on the works of Thomas Keating over the past 30+ years.  In July 2016 Fr. Thomas sat in conversation with a few friends at St. Bendict's Monstery in Snowmass, Colorado in a intimate and wide-ranging conversation on a timely subject of non-duality from a Christian perspective.  Though this term has not generally been associated with the Christian Tradition, in fact, its essence runs throughout the New Testament, most prominently in the Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul.  Opening to the Divine Indwelling through practicing Centering Prayer is the consent to God's presence and action within us.  This separate-self sense gradually evolves into the conviction of self in God.

Six topics are included:

The Western and Scriptural Models of Spirituality (15 min.);
The Invitation of the Christian Contemplative Tradition Beyond Rational Consciousness (19 min);
The Self and Evolving Consciousness (16 min);
Christian Non-Duality and Unity Consciousness (18 min.);
The Present Moment and All That Is (13 min.);
Fallen, Beloved and Surrendered (17 min.).

Six segments with 18-page Reflection Booklet PDF.