Mp4 Video Segment for 2020 United in Prayer Day


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“Christian Non-Duality and Unity Consciousness” 

This mp4 video segment is 18 minutes long and is from the DVD series, That We May Be One:Christian Non-Duality. This segment may be streamed or downloaded.

Jesus came to manifest the love of God for human beings by becoming one with them in order that human beings might become one with God. And this is one of the classical statements of the Early Church Fathers: God became man in order that people might become God. Jesus reveals that oneness in his teaching, most notably in his last discourse in the Last Supper where he prays for his followers to be one with the same unity that he has in the Father and the Father has in him. The Priestly Prayer [John 17] is full of the idea of this oneness. Paul develops it further in his reflections on the Mystical Body of Christ. Each human being is invited to become a New Creation in Christ as cells in the Mystical Body. We bring our little fractal expression of the divine geometry into ordinary life and everything we do cannot be separated from this oneness. It dwells in us as our deepest self. And little by little we are meant to develop a capacity of being conscious of that deepest Self – a living cell in a living Body that has the Holy Spirit as the life blood. It fills the whole, every cell and indeed every particle of cells. It was Teilhard de Chardin that said that every particle contains Jesus Christ. Since we are made up of trillions of them, we are really immersed in Jesus Christ and in God. We are saturated with God.