God is All in All – The Evolution of the Contemplative Christian Spiritual Journey- (reprint)


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This reprint features a foreword by Adam Bucko.

This book is an edited transcript of a keynote talk that Fr. Thomas gave at the 2012 Annual Conference of Contemplative Outreach in Snowmass, Colorado.  In July of 2018, from his place of transition at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, Fr. Thomas gave his permission for the editors to edit and publish his talk in book form. As always, herein Fr. Thomas challenges and engages us with his teachings and the vastness of their range:

  • The infinite compassion and the mercy of God
  • the three stages of the transformational spiritual journey
  • the new cosmology, human nature, science and their relationship to spirituality
  • the message of the cross for our times
  • the meaning of redemption
  • and more…

In Thomas Keating’s signature wise and whimsical style, this little book invites us to think big:

  • “Think of God in a very big way. And if you do, that is too small.”
  • “If something is something, it cannot be its opposite—or so it might seem. Not so with God, because God is…beyond opposites.”

God Is All in All introduces some mighty themes—including nature as revelation, mystical teachings on interdependence, new cosmologies of religion and science, and evolutionary understandings of what it means to be human—in a much-needed update to theologies Keating describes as “out of date.”

Outlining a three-part spiritual journey from recognizing a divine Other, to becoming the Other, to the realizing there is no other, Keating boldly states “Religion is not the only path to God.” Thoroughly Christian and fully interspiritual, this much-beloved outlier Trappist monk offers a message of “compassion, not condemnation” in a contemplative embrace of the cross as a symbol of humility, inviting those who would become co-redeemers of the world to join him in the kind of meditation and contemplative prayer that allows the transcendent self to emerge.


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